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Interactive Growth Sante Barley Reseller Program
Interactive Growth Sante Barley Reseller Courier

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  1. Copy our product photos and product details and directions from our  PRODUCT CATALOG. You can also grab an idea click here for the caption of the photo you like to post.
  2. Paste it on your facebook account or any online store with the Suggested Retail Price.
  3. Do the Online Marketing: post on your own timeline, post on your friend's timeline, post in a facebook group, post on a page you manage, personal message, or tag it to your friends.
  4. Take the final orders from your customers.
  5. Go to your distributor website, sign in then order your customer’s orders. Shipping fee will be automatically computed upon check-out. You can also directly contact your distributor thru facebook personal message, fb voice call, or text/call distributor official contact numbers.
  6. After your order has been made, our staff will inform you if all items are available and it is ready to ship. (Our inventory accuracy is 90%)
  7. You will collect your customers' payment first, then send us your payment for the order thru Palawan, Cebuana  or BPI cash deposit. After we have received your payment, that’s the time we will ship the orders.
  8. For Drop-ship, we will ship the order directly to your customer but we will never disclose our business name or identity as seller, shipper or supplier. It will be you as a shipper and seller.
  9. For non Drop-ship, we will ship the order to you  then you will  send it to your customer.


  1. Discounts – Up to 20% per item discounts for reseller accounts.
  2. When you sell 6 Boxes of Santé Pure Barley Juice you will be promoted as one of our Brand Ambasador / Distributor and earn up to 50% Discount or
  3. You sell a total of 18 Boxes of Santé Pure Barley Juice and you will be promoted as one of our Sales Funnel Manager / Distributor and gain up to 50% Discount plus 100,000.00 Accident Insurance for 1 Year, Business Presentation Website, Product Presentation Website and Official Company Website.


  1. Reseller must accumulate a total of 3,000.00 sales  before we will transfer the total commission.
  2. Commissions may directly be given to the reseller if the reseller is  within the location or same area  of the distributor. If not, the distributor must deposit the total commission of the reseller to its  existing bank account or transfer it to the neareast money transfer service.


  1. Cancellation of orders is prohibited. In case of cancellation of order, the DISTRIBUTOR reserves the right to remove the violator from the resellers' list.
  2. Order change is allowed once only within the reservation period.
  3. Reservation period is STRICTLY 3 days MAXIMUM. Sundays and holidays are not included in computing the 5-day reservation period. Non-payment within the reservation period terminates the reseller's right to discounts.
  4. Business inquiries and orders will be entertained from Monday -  Saturdays at 9am to 6pm only.
  5. Shipping of orders is done from Monday to Saturdays, excluding holidays. Payment cut-off for same day shipping is 9 am. Delivery of items is from 2-7 days from the day of shipping excluding Sundays and holidays. Shipping details will be sent via SMS the day after shipment. We do not accept rush orders.
  6. All items are on hand and are very fast moving. Please do not send your order unless you are sure to purchase.
  7. Proof of payment must be sent to given channels. In case of failure to present and send proof of payment, items will not be shipped. Resellers are given 2 days to send their proof of payment after the reservation period.
  8. Resellers must only transact to our distributor website, Facebook Personal Message, distributor Facebook Pages and distributor official contact numbers.

Return and Exchange Policy

  1. Return and exchange due to wrong product ordered is allowed once only and shipping fees will be shouldered by the buyer.
  2. Return and exchange due to damage or wrong item sent is also allowed. Shipping fees will be shouldered by the Distributor.
  3. All items for exchange must be shipped immediately after confirmation from us. A 5-day return must be observed diligently.
  4. To expound further, the item/s for exchange must be received by the distributor within 7 days (including Sundays) from the day of shipment.
  5. In case of non-compliance, the distributor reserves the right not to process exchanges in case of non-compliance.

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We provide free online and offline business and leadership training for our members to develop or enhance their entrepreneurial skills and we promote the cooperative means of achieving goals. Our Business Partners Program provide various services, Natural Health and Wellness Products and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. In addition we have commission sharing programs in our Direct Selling Services for those who wish to earn extra income in their spare time.




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