The Santé Barley Story


How Barley Became Santé’s Green Pasture

The grass was always greener on the other side, but not for Santé Barley.

2001 First Attempt at the Network Marketing Business


  • The owners experienced the building and running of a Network Marketing Company

  • In the midst of questions and doubts, identified their commitment: “To Help People”

2007   Santé International was born

2008 Introduction to Barley

  • Barley was introduced to the owners by two distributors, as a product that is endorsed by the US Food and Drug Administration
  • After research, it was decided that the company will focus on the development of a comprehensive selection of everyday products that are all Barley-based

2010 Santé breaks through the Network

Marketing Business

A Filipino song-writer came across the Barley products, and shared with the media how he was cured of diabetes and prostate cancer by the product. Soon after;

  • Company sales skyrocketed
  • There was a demand to increase stock inventory
  • Testimonies came flooding in
  • Company branches tripled in number within a year
  • Distributors earned more than what they expected
  • Requests for international operations from different parts of the world swamped the hotlines

Present Time

True to why the company started, SANTE International Inc. is now helping people live better lives. The passion that told the owners not to quit is the same passion that drives the company to forge ahead with even greater resolve. Today, the grass is greener at Santé Barley.


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Jesus "Joey" T. Marcelo
Chief Executive Officer

is a veteran marketing professional with more than a decade of marketing experience – including stints as senior sales engineer at Fedders Koppel Inc, director of Millionaires in Business, director for training of Vision Unlimited Inc., C.E.O. of League of Business Builders Inc. and C.E.O. of The Big League Enterprise Inc. He holds a master's degree in business administration and a bachelor's degree in industrial management engineering (minor in mechanical engineering) from De La Salle University. He is knowledgeable in Systems Analysis and Design, Network Marketing Compensation and Marketing System Development, and Organizational Development.

Eric S. Maranan
Chief Financial Officer

was a successful business executive in large corporations, an outstanding marketing professional, and was adjudged as one of the 20 highest revenue - earning marketing practitioners. He holds a bachelor of science degree, major in accounting, from the University of Santo Tomas and is a certified public accountant.

Paul G. Caluag
Chief Operations Officer

is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Philippine School of Business Administration. He has been a consistent achiever in the Multilevel Marketing industry with over 22 years of experience in Network Marketing and Direct Selling industries. His core strengths include a gamut of sales, operations, marketing, management and training both here and abroad. Very much a strategic thinker and planner, Paul is goal-oriented as he is results-driven. A motivator, he is directly involved in steering the network's development to further enhance individual skills, leadership and productivity.

Minerva A. Carag
Chief Product Research and Development Officer

has been a project management, sales and training consultant, and marketer for almost a decade. She is a Registered Nurse and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, graduating as magna cum laude, from the Philippine Christian University. As a consultant, she set up organizational structures, conceptualized and created marketing tools and materials, and drew up financial plans and marketing strategies for clients. Her passion has been to develop products that deliver what they promise in quality, safety, and results.

Kittkat Cruz-Diestro
Chief Marketing Officer

took her undergraduate and graduate studies (Master in Marketing) in De La Salle University.  She has been exposed to Direct Selling since mid-1980’s and has been in Corporate Multi-Level Marketing handling Marketing, Training and Sales since 1999.  In the past, she has been sent to attend and conduct various Marketing & Leadership Trainings in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Canada and the USA.  She was a former Board of Director of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) and Health & Dietary Supplements Association of the Philippines (HADSAP).




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We provide free online and offline business and leadership training for our members to develop or enhance their entrepreneurial skills. We also promote the cooperative means of achieving goals. Our Business Partners' Program provides various services, Natural Health and Wellness Products and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. In addition, we have commission sharing programs in our Direct Selling Services for those who wish to earn extra income in their spare time.


For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at   0917 519 48 04     |     0917 519 48 03.


They show us great leadership and good management. The success of Santé International is totally awesome because of the right management, marketing, products and people. When it comes to wealth, Santé International has created many millionaires. The promotions and tri-media advertisements make its best way to introduce Santé International products and to encourage everyone to live a  healthy lifestyle, improve well-being  and  give strength to hopeless patients to survive.

Santé International is one of the fastest growing distribution companies in the Philippines. We offer premier organic health and wellness products and services aimed at helping improve quality of life.

Founded in 2008, Santé International is governed by a formidable team of leaders backed by a combined marketing experience of 50 years. We built and continue to drive business growth through the dedication of our independent distributors.


Driven by our promise to bring best-value wellness products and services in every home, Santé International is committed to equip and empower our distributors who serve as the channel towards a healthy and active lifestyle for our consumers.


A Global Provider of Premier Wellness Product and Services


Help People Live Better Lives


Sincerity in Helping Others
Positivity in Every Situation
Pursuit of Excellence
Courage to Try New Things
Humility and Truthfulness in our Actions
Celebration for Every Win


Jesus Joey T. Marcelo
Chief Executive Officer

A Message from the C.E.O.


Come and enter our world and discover REAL success and fulfillment from everyday people who are enjoying their rewards and whose lives have been transformed by Santé International.


We are a company whose main objective is to provide our customers and stakeholders with products that will enhance their well being. This means products that have no synthetic and harmful ingredients; products that use fully-tested organic materials – and can, therefore, be used with confidence.


We believe that true leadership and accomplishment entail helping others achieve their own hopes and aspirations. Seeing Distributors and Customers reach their goals is the mission that drives us to constantly enhance our service and operations. Santé is committed to the highest standards of quality and service, making sure that you attain your dreams while enjoying a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

We have shown the world that a company like ours can produce world-class products, develop confident and highly-competitive entrepreneurs, and create an exciting business environment for growth – with opportunities limited only by our people's desire for advancement.


At Santé, we are committed to providing our customers with only the best. In a very real sense, we are making a big difference by providing hope, and the right tools and environment for people to excel.

Santé Products has been awarded as Super Brands!

To garner such awards was challenging as it has gone through many evaluations such as products, its factual ingredients, its results and its claim as it is from pure organic young barley from certified organic farms in New Zealand.


The Santé International right now has managed to have more than 100 branches both nationwide as well as abroad. This means that Santé is on its course of being the “global provider of premier wellness products and services”. As the CEO, Jesus Joey Marcelo had mentioned in one of his talks that the plan of Santé is to open 3 countries each year for the next 15 years starting year 2015.


Become a Santé Independent Distributor


Ever thought of running your own home based business? As a Santé Independent Distributor you can! With a low start up and great earning potential, joining Santé will not only benefit your health, but your wealth too.

We are looking for serious, dedicated, determined and hardworking business-minded partners to work with us to achieve and fulfill their goals and dream in life. Anyone over 18 years of age with a computer and internet OR smart phone can do it, no experience necessary, we provide training. You can earn an extra ₱500.00 or much more PER DAY, working from home in your own time!


We are offering you a business opportunity with a potential to earn more and experience the lifestyle you desire for your family. This is very different and far more lucrative than what you see over the internet! If you decide to start your own home based business, but don't have the idea what product to carry and the company to be involved in, maybe we can help. We will be happy to assist you in starting your own home based business.


Contact Us immediately, there's no such thing as right time... NOW is the time! Create your sparkle and join our team!


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